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By Feather Jedi

From days of long ago...
From uncharted regions of the universe...
Comes a legend...
The legend of Voltron: Defender of the Universe!
A mighty robot, loved by good, feared by evil.
As Voltron's legend grew, peace settled across the galaxy.
On planet Earth, a Galaxy Alliance was formed. Together with the good planets of the solar system, they maintained peace throughout the universe...
UNTIL a new horrible menace threatened the galaxy.
Voltron was needed once more!

This is the story of the super force of space explorers...
Specially trained, and sent by the Alliance...
To bring back.........


It all began when 5 daring Space Explorers escaped from the clutches of the evil King Zarkon. Nobody remembers what their original mission was, but at the time of their capture, they had just witnessed one of many onslaughts upon the beautiful planet Arus, somewhere out in the Far Universe, by the forces of Planet Doom.

Keith, the commander, was handsome and brave. He was a great leader, and the others looked up to him admirably. His second-in-command, Sven, was quiet and reserved, and was possibly one of the greatest navigators the Galaxy Alliance had to offer. Lance was a hotshot pilot, an excellent gunner, a smart alec, and short-tempered. Hunk, the largest member of the team, at first glance seemed very intimidating, but underneath his huge bulk laid a friendly soul, especially when it came to children and food. He was also an engineering genius. Pidge, the youngest, was small for his age, but he made up for it with his exceptional acrobatic skills that many assumed attributed from his home planet Balto. And like his twin brother Chip, stationed elsewhere, Pidge was a scientific genius and a brilliant systems analyst.

When the 5 Space Explorers managed to escape from their cell on Planet Doom, they hijacked a prison ship and crash-landed on Planet Arus. There, they remembered a legend; the legend of the mighty superrobot Voltron, whose resting place was said to be on Planet Arus. They made their way to a ruined castle, the Castle of Lions. There, the castle diplomat Coran suspiciously questioned the mysterious visitors and relayed to them the legend of Voltron.

Acording to the legend, Voltron was the greatest robot warrior that ever existed. But then, King Zarkon played his hand. He sent his personal witch, Haggar, who disguised herself as a beautiful space goddess for the event, to confront Voltron. When Voltron approached her, the witch placed a curse on him, splitting into 5 separate units, each unit a pilotable robot lion, which plummeted down to Planet Arus.

With the people pf Arus hiding in caverns due to Zarkon's many attacks, the 5 Space Explorers volunteered to pilot the lion crafts and defend the people of Arus against the forces of Planet Doom. They immediately earned the blessing of the beautiful Princess Allura, and Coran decreed the 5 Space Explorers the Voltron Force.

Keith, donning a red-themed uniform, became the leader and pilot of the mighty Black Lion, which had been crafted into a fine statue guarding the Castle of Lions. Sven, donning a black-themed uniform, became the pilot of the Blue Lion, which rested at the bottom of the lake beside the castle. Lance, donning a blue-themed uniform, became the pilot of the Red Lion, which lay dormant deep within a volcano. Hunk, donning an orange-themed uniform, became the pilot of the Yellow Lion, which lay hidden deep within the desert. And Pidge, donning a green-themed uniform, became the pilot of the Green Lion, which rested somewhere in a forest.

Wielding specially designed keys, the Voltron Force was able to unite all 5 lions together to form mighty Voltron, King of Robots, Defender of the Universe! They quickly became a symbol of hope to the people of Arus, who finally became brave enough to come out of hiding after so many long years.

But victory was short-lived. Mere days after the 5 Space Explorers had settled into their role as the Voltron Force, Zarkon sent Haggar down to Arus to take at least one member of the Voltron Force out of commission, so that Voltron could no longer be formed, at least for a good while. She managed to snare Lance in a trap, but brave Sven freed his friend and engaged Haggar in battle. But Haggar's witchcraft had the upper hand, and Sven became badly wounded, too wounded to pilot. He was immediately sent off-planet for recovery. The Voltron Force was down to 4.

Things looked grim for the Voltron Force. Without Sven, the Blue Lion was pilotless, and the team could no longer form the mighty robot. However, when the Blue Lion was stolen by none other than Princess Allura (clad in a pink-themed uniform) out of desperation of the situation, the Voltron Force, despite the reluctance of Coran and Allura's Nanny, accepted her as the newest member of the Voltron Force. The Voltron Force was 5 again, and that is how it would remain. Sven eventually did regain his health, but instead of rejoining the Voltron Force, he went to stay with Allura's identical cousin Princess Romelle on Arus's sister planet Pollux.


Our particular story opens in Castle Doom, on the miserable Planet Doom. It was here that the evil King Zarkon resided. Zarkon was an outlaw of the Drule Empire. Although Zarkon ruled and acted on his own, he was still recognized by the Drule Empire, and his constant defeats to the mighty Voltron was making him look like a fool to them, especially to the Supreme Council. All because of bumbling subordinates, especially his own son, Prince Lotor. Zarkon wasn't like other Drules. While Drules were commonly purple-skinned and bore red eyes and hair that varied between either white or deep purple, Zarkon was physically much different due to parental heritage. He was hairless, bore blue, scaly skin, yellow, catlike eyes, viciously sharp teeth, and large pointed ears that resembled some sort of wicked-looking fins.

Zarkon sat now in his throne atop a high dais within his majestically golden throne room. Hooded Haggar was at his side, petting her equally wicked Blue Cat. Long ago the witch had been fair and beautiful, and used her magic for good. But then she met Zarkon, who twisted her into the evil hag she is today. Zarkon glowered down at a kneeling figure far down at the foot of the dais. The figure was Prince Lotor.

Unlike his father, Lotor was much more Drule-like in appearance. The only physical characteristics he had inherited from his father were his blue skin, yellow, catlike eyes, and pointed ears, which were not nearly as prominent as his father's. And unlike his father, he was much more cunning, more evil, and he longed for the day when his father would expire so that he may take over his throne. However, Zarkon did not become a feared ruler by sheer luck. He had earned it. Although he seldom displayed it, he was a superior warrior to warrior to Lotor by mere fractions of skills, and that is what kept Lotor under his father's control.

Lotor had another hidden obsession besides overthrowing his father: Princess Allura. Ever since he set eyes on her, he had been obsessed. He could not help it. She looked just like her…

…just like his mother.

He had to have her, he simply had to. He would do whatever it took to make her his. But every time, every time, that pitiful Voltron Force and that blasted robot stepped in and ruined his carefully laid-out plans! But one day, one day…

Zarkon glowered down at his son. "Time and time again, my son, you have you have failed to vanquish the Voltron Force. Why should this time be any different?"

"Please, father," pleaded Lotor, "Give me another chance. I promise to finish the Voltron Force once and for all. Just have Haggar give me her finest Robeast, and I shall take it and my personal armada to Planet Arus to destroy the Voltron Force." It took every bit of pride Lotor had to plead to his father like that.

Haggar cackled wickedly. "Prince Lotor is a boastful one, sire. No doubt he simply wants to try to make Princess Allura his as he always does."

"That's not true!" Lotor lied. Haggar's Blue Cat meowed viciously at him.

Zarkon chuckled, drool trickling down his chin. "Lotor, you're a terrible liar. Very well, you shall have your precious Robeast. But if you fail again, the consequences shall be dire."

Lotor stood and saluted. "Thank you, father. I promise I shall not fail you again." Putting on his battle helmet, he turned and exited the throne room.

"Dire consequences," he thought to himself. One day, old fool, you will be the one to face dire consequences. One day. I promise you. This time I will defeat the Voltron Force. And at the same time, I shall have some…fun…with Princess Allura. He laughed to himself, knowing just how to handle her.

Haggar turned to Zarkon. "Sire, how can you place so much faith in Prince Lotor? He has failed time and time again. Do you still trust him after so many failures?"

"Not really, Haggar," replied Zarkon, smiling cruelly. "But sometimes I just love to see my fool son humiliate himself."

The two villains and cat laughed evilly to themselves.


It was a peaceful day on Planet Pollux. Sven and Princess Romelle, Allura's identical cousin, were enjoying a pleasant picnic outside the castle, joking, laughing, and making small talk.

"Sven," Romelle asked, "do you ever miss being on the Voltron Force?"

Sven quieted and looked up at the sky. "More than anything," he replied in his thick Swedish accent. "They were certainly good times. Flying around in the Blue Lion, defending Planet Arus…" He lowered his head. "But then I failed. I let my team down."

Romelle put her hand to his face. "It wasn't you're fault, Sven," she said comfortingly. "It could have happened to anyone."

Sven brightened a bit. "Yes, I supposed you're right. I supposed if I hadn't gotten injured…" He turned to her. "…I never would have met you."

"Oh Sven", said Romelle. She leaned in. Sven followed suit…

Suddenly Sven dug into her sides, tickling her. Romelle went into spasms.

"Ahahaha! Svehehen! Ahaha stop ihihit!"

"Cootchie cootchie coooo!" Sven teased.

Through her spasms of laughter, Romelle managed to slap him, and pull away. Taking the slap like a man, he began to laugh at her.

"That wasn't funny, Sven!" she said angrily.

"Then why were you laughing?" Sven joked.

"Because you were tickling me, you big jerk!" She made to slap him again, when…

"Romelle! Romelle!"

It was Romelle's young brother, Prince Bandor. He came running up, looking urgent.

"Bandor," said Romelle, "what is it?"

Bandor panted for breath when he reached them. When he'd finished, he said, "Our radars are picking up an enemy fleet! Zarkon's sent out more of their forces!"

"Always Zarkon," said Sven.

"They're heading straight for Planet Arus!" Bandor continued.

"So what else is new?" said Sven. "I'll contact Castle Control and warn my friends immediately!" With that, he rushed back into the castle.


Princess Allura giggled in her sleep. Something was tickling the soles of her feet. When she'd gained enough consciousness to become aware of the sensation, she happily sat up and pulled back the covers. Her pet Space Mice had climbed under her covers and had been tickling the soles of her lovely feet with their tails; her usual wakeup call.

Allura smiled pleasantly. "Hello, my little friends. Come again to wake me up as only you know how, I see." The Space Mice chattered happily.

Smiling brightly, Allura got out of bed and went to her wardrobe. She had no royal appearances scheduled for today, so instead of her gown, she opted for her pink jumpsuit for today. It was the only outfit that made her feel less like "Princess Allura", princess of Planet Arus, and more like simply "Allura", pilot of the Blue Lion.

When she had gotten dressed, she went to see what the boys were doing, the Space Mice scurrying behind her.

She found them all in the lounge. Keith was lying on the couch napping with his favorite book over his face. He sat up when Allura entered. Lance was just chilling in an armchair, examining his fingernails coolly. Hunk and Pidge were engaged in a series of arm-wrestling matches. It was a loosing battle for Pidge, due to Hunk's size and muscle.

"No fair!" Pidge whined after the 10th game. "You're cheating! It should be against the rules to be as strong as you!"
"Wanna go again?" asked Hunk.

Pidge rolled up his sleeves. "You bet! I'll win for sure this time!"

He lost.

Allura laughed sweetly at their antics. "Good morning, boys."

After Pidge fell over after yet another loss, he looked up at Allura with stars in his eyes, grinning lovestruck. "Hi, Allura! Gee, you're looking as lovely as ever today!"

Allura giggled. "Why thank you, Pidge."

"Are you feeling restful this morning, Princess?" asked Keith.

Allura sat down beside him. "I sure do, Keith. I don't think anything can spoil this beautiful day.

Suddenly the alarm blared. "Except that," Lance put in.

The team immediately rushed downstairs to Castle Control, where Coran sat waiting at the control console.

"What is it, Coran?" asked Keith.

"We are receiving an incoming transmission from our sister planet Pollux," Coran answered. "I'll bring it up on the monitor." He pressed a button and the face of an old friend immediately filled the huge monitor.

"It's Sven!" everyone exclaimed excitedly.

"It's good to see you again, Sven," said Keith chummily. "How are things over on Planet Pollux?"

"I'm afraid we don't have time to reminisce, my friends," said Sven. "Our telescanners have picked up the signals from a fleet of Doom ships! They are on a course straight for Arus! And they have a Coffin with them!"

"Coffins" were the nicknames for the coffin-like mobile-holding pens for Robeasts, bio-mechanical creatures engineered by Haggar as well as many Drule scientists. It was always with Robeasts that Voltron was required to do battle with.

"It's got to be either King Zarkon or his son Prince Lotor," said Keith.

"Either way, they're a real pain," said Lance. "Don't they ever know when to quit?"
"Let's give them a pounding they'll never forget!" said Hunk, pounding his fist as an example.

"I'm all for that!" said Pidge.

"Me too!" chimed in Allura.

"Ok, team!" commanded Keith. "To the Lions!"

With that, Coran pressed a series of buttons. The control station rose up out of the floor, revealing 5 elevators beneath it. The 5 teammates each rushed into an elevator, which dropped them each, fully clad in their red, blue, orange, green, and pink uniforms, into waiting transports. With a sudden WHOOSH!, the transports began to escort their passengers each through separate long and intricate tunnels: Keith's tunnel took him deep within the castle, towards the Lion Monument; Lance's tunnel took him into the fiery bowels of the volcano; Allura's tunnel lead her to the watery depths of the lake; Pidge's tunnel lead him through the thicket of the forest; and Hunk's tunnel burrowed through the heavy sands of the desert.

When they'd each reached their destinations, their transports stopped, and their seats rose up lifts that took them straight into the cockpits of their Lions. When they were ready, Keith commanded, "Set all keys!"

As one, they each set their special keys into slots in the cockpits. "Keys set!" The Lions immediately roared to life and rushed to face the enemy fleet that would be arriving at any minute.


Lotor could already see the Lions as his command ship began to enter the atmosphere. "It looks like those Lions were ready for us! But no matter. Engage the enemy head on!" he commanded.

Doom fighter ships began to swoop in on the 5 robot lions, swarming them like locusts, but they were no match for the lioncrafts.

"It appears we are doing little damage to the enemy" replied a robot soldier. "Shall I deploy the Robeast?"

"No!" commanded Lotor. "Wait until I have the princess in my clutches! Without her, they won't be able to form Voltron!" He grinned cruelly. "Send in more fighters!"


More fighter crafts engaged the lions. When it became too much, the Lions activated their Lion Blades to cut through them like butter.

However, Allura wasn't as well trained in vehicular combat as the boys were, and she soon found herself overwhelmed by the fighter crafts.

"There's too many of them!" she cried.

"Hang in there, Princess!" cried Keith, who was dealing with a pretty big batch himself. "I'll be right with you!"


Lotor observed the battle closely. "The princess is distracted! Now is the time to strike! Target the Blue Lion!"

A huge energy beam shot out of the command ship and struck the Blue Lion head-on. Allura screamed and blacked out. The Blue Lion plummeted to the ground several feet below.

"Excellent," said Lotor. "You may now deploy the Robeast. And land the command ship so that I may personally bring the princess onboard." He grinned. "I'm going to have some fun with you, Allura," he said to himself.

As commanded, the command ship landed not far from the downed Blue Lion. Lotor climbed up to the top of the head and forced open the exit hatch. The unconscious princess collapsed into his arms.

"She's even more beautiful when she's asleep," he admired, and proceeded to carry her back to the ship.


The giant red skull-faced Coffin landed with a thud in the middle of the battlefield. There it began to glow brightly, and with a defining crash, the vessel exploded from the inside. An indescribably monstrous Robeast began to rapidly grow to a gigantic height within mere seconds!

"Uh-oh, guys!" Hunk observed, "Look what they've sent us!"

"A Robeast!" cried Pidge.

"Gee, and I was hoping for a new video game, too!" joked Lance.

"We need Voltron!" said Keith.

"But the princess has been knocked out!" cried Pidge.

Keith gasped. "OH NO!"


Allura awoke to the unpleasant smell of smelling salts under her nose. "How nice of you to join us," she heard Lotor say.

"Where am I?" she said groggily. She looked around, now alarmed. She was in an ugly and grimy room somewhere inside Lotor's command ship, and sitting in a long, equally gruesome chair. Ugly robot claws attached to the chair acted as manacles that held her wrists and ankles. Strangely enough, she noticed her boots had been removed and placed neatly beside the chair. Her lovely bare feet were exposed to the cool air and dangled over the edge of the chair. And there, standing in front of her, was…


"It's a pleasure to see you too, my darling," said Lotor.

"The only time I'll be pleased to see you, Lotor," said Allura, "would be seeing you arrested by the Galaxy Alliance!"

"Now, my dear," said Lotor, circling her, "no need for harsh words. I've brought you here to make an agreement. Actually, you might call it a 'proposal'. Agree to be my bride, and I promise you I will never again harm your people or the Voltron Force." He meant it, too. He would do anything to make Allura love him. If she wished him never to harm her people, so be it. Who cared if his father didn't agree? This was Lotor's hour, not Zarkon's. And if such an agreement meant leaving the Voltron Force alone, so be it. He'd rather not fight them than continually lose to them, formidable as they were.

But Allura wasn't in the mood for negotiations. She struggled in her bonds. "Never! I'll never trust you, and I'll never marry you, Lotor! You're just like your father! You'll just turn my people into slaves, just like all the other planets you two have conqured!"

Lotor snarled. "You still refuse to listen to reason? Very well. I have other methods of persuasion to make you cooperate."

Allura looked nervous. "What sort of methods of persuarion?"

Lotor grinned wickedly and took out a wicked-looking vulture feather.

Allura's eyes widened. "No…no, you wouldn't. You shouldn't!"

"And why not?" asked Lotor.

"Because it's wrong! On Arus, tickling is a sign of peace and friendship!"

"That is all well and good for Arusian customs," said Lotor. "But I am part Drule, and in Drule customs, tickling is a very effective form of torture. Now, will you agree to be my bride?"

Allura stared at him defiantly. "Never! Do your worst!"

Lotor grinned wickedly. "Your wish is my command." He kneeled down in front of her exposed feet. "How lovely," he said.

Allura looked away, blushing slightly.

Lotor grinned and set to work by grazing the feather up and down the sole of her left foot.

Without resistance, Allura immediately broke into peals of girlish laughter and began to lightly wiggle her feet about. "Ahahahahahahaha! No, Lotor, plehehehehehehase! Ahahahaheeheeheeheehahahahahaha!"

"Just agree to be my bride, Allura," said Lotor, switching to the right foot, "and it will all be over."

Allura shook her head through her laughter. "Ahahahahaha! Never! Ahahahahahahaha! Oh dehehehear! Teeheeheehahahahaha!"

"Already calling me 'dear', are we?" Lotor teased.

He continued to slide the feather up and down her smooth arches. Being a princess, Allura's maidens in waiting always took tremendous care of every part of her body, and her feet were no exception.

"Ahahahaha! Teeheeheehahaha! I heeheehahahaha! I'll nehehever marry you!" Allura said through her laughter.  "EEEhahahahaha! Never! Hahahahaha!"

Lotor grinned as he continued his torture. He gently slid the plume up and down her right arch, then up and down the left arch.

Allura started to buck in her seat. "Ahahahaha! Oh plehehease! Teeheehahahaha! Please, no mohohohore! Hahahahaheeheeheeheehahaha!"

This was an almost unbearable torture for Allura. As with most Arusians, she usually enjoyed being tickled very much. However right now, she could not move or pull away. And even worse was that feather. It was so soft and unbearably tickly. She could feel the soft plume gliding softly up and down the soles of her feet, which she desperately wiggled to try to get away. But Lotor seemed to know what he was doing. The feather always managed to stay with her feet no matter how much they wiggled. When one foot got far enough away, Lotor would simply switch over to the other foot. It continued this way like a game of Cat & Mouse. And the continuing, teasing strokes of the feather were beginning to play on her nerves. Up and down, up and down, to the next foot, up and down, up and down, back to the other foot.

"Ahahahaha! Oh dehehear! Ahahahaha! Lotor, plehehease! Ahahahaheehee! Please stahahahap!"

"Not until you agree to be my bride," Lotor insisted.

He changed tactics a bit, stroking the feather along Allura's instep. This caused Allura's pretty foot to wiggle and flex and try to pull away from the persisting feather.

"Ahahahaha! Oh dohohohon't! Teeheehahahahahahaha!"

Allura's laughter was music to Lotor's ears. She wasn't screaming at all. She just sat there and let herself laugh her lovely laugh. How like a princess, he thought to himself as he switched over to the other instep.

"Ahahahahaha! Lotor, plehehehease! Ahahaheeheeheeeheehahaha! I'm hahahaha I'm so TIHIHIcklish! Hahahahaha!"

"I can see that, my dear," replied Lotor. "And you can end this ticklish torment if you agree to wed me."

"Teeheehahahaha! Never! Hahahahahahaha!"

"Then you leave me no choice but to continue", said Lotor, and to spice things up, he began to delicately use the tip of the feather to tease the tips of Allura's lovely wiggling toes.

"EEEhahahaha! Oh plehehease! Ahahahaheeheeheehahahaha! Not there, plehehehease! Hahahahahaha!"

Lotor grinned to himself. She can't hold out forever. Soon she will be mine.

With Lotor fixated on torturing Allura's precious feet, he didn't notice something emerge from the collar of Allura's uniform. The largest and bravest of Allura's Space Mice, by the name of Cheesey, had stowed away inside her uniform. When he saw his dear friend in ticklish danger, the little mouse immediately formulated a plan. Using his small size to his advantage, he easily snuck past Lotor and scurried up onto the control panel at the other end of the room. He immediately spotted a "big red button" and promptly jumped down on it.

The mechanical claws holding Allura to the chair immediately let go. Before she'd even realized what had happened, her leg shot up and planted a nice hard kick against Lotor's jaws, knocking him out momentarily.

Allura sat there for a few moments giggling and regaining her composure. When she'd calmed down, she pulled on her boots and helmet and gently picked up Cheesey. "Thank you, my little friend," she said as she placed him back down her collar. She then proceeded to rush out of the command ship and reenter her fallen Blue Lion.


The Voltron Force was in dire straights. Without Voltron, the Robeast was easily picking them off.

"We can't keep this up forever, Keith!" cried Lance.

"Hang in there, Lance!" replied Keith. "We have to!"

"I didn't miss anything, did I, boys?" came a female voice. The Lions turned their heads. It was the Blue Lion, back in action!

"Princess!" everyone exclaimed.

"What happened back there?" asked Hunk.

"Oh, just a bit of a ticklish situation," Allura answered, smiling. "But now I'm back and ready to teach this Robeast a lesson!"

"Ok!" said Keith. "Ready to form Voltron!" He shifted his controls. Control panels and equipment began to shift themselves within his cockpit. "Activate interlock! Dynotherms connected! Infracells up! Mega thrusters are go!"

"LET'S GO, VOLTRON FORCE!" they all shouted in unison.

The Lions shot up into the sky. They began to shift and change, readying themselves for assembly. The Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow Lions laid straight down, their legs curling up beneath them. The Black Lion laid flat out on its belly, its hind-legs stretched straight out. Its forelegs curled up inside its back. Then the Black Lion extended its mighty wings and turned itself to a vertical position.

"FORM FEET AND LEGS!" Keith commanded. The bodies of the Blue and Yellow Lions turned upwards vertically, the head remaining horizontal so that they resembled feet.

"FORM ARMS AND BODY!" The rears of the Red and Green Lions then attached themselves to the shoulders of the Black Lion. Then the Black Lion's rear legs inserted themselves into the ends of the Yellow and Blue Lions.

"AND I'LL FORM THE HEAD!" said Keith. The lower jaw of the Black Lion lowered down 90°, revealing the face of Voltron: Defender of the Universe. Voltron's hands and feet roared mightily.

The Robeast wasn't frightened. It charged Voltron head-on.

"Form electro-sabers!" ordered Keith. Two brightly shining objects appeared behind Voltron's shoulders. The mighty robot grabbed them and brought them together, forming a blade that Voltron swiped towards the oncoming Robeast.

But the Robeast was fast. It ducked under the swipe of the electro-saber, and then rammed Voltron in the stomach.

Voltron staggered. "Let's try a farther attack, team!" said Keith. "Spinning laser blade!" A large circular blade appeared in the Red Lion's mouth, and Voltron hurled the blade like a Frisbee towards the Robeast. But the Robeast managed to catch it!

"He caught it!" cried Pidge.

"Incoming!" cried Lance as the Robeast hurled the blade back at its master. Voltron managed to dodge it just in time.

"Looks like we'll have to bring out the big guns!" said Keith. "Lock shoulder harness!" A metal harness revealed itself from behind his seat, and he locked it across his chest like on a roller coaster. "Start the power buildup!" The power cores deep within each of the Lions glowed brightly with building energy.

"Ready?" said Keith. "Lion Head Attack!" The heads of the Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow Lions detached themselves from Voltron's arms and legs and plowed right through the Robeast. Once the damage was done, the heads returned to their homes.

"Time to finish him off!" said Keith. "FORM BLAZING SWORD!" Voltron placed his hands together and pulled them apart again. When they parted, the blade of a mighty sword was magically between them. Wielding the great sword above his head in his right hand, Voltron's left hand, the Green Lion's head, roared dramatically.

Voltron rushed the wounded Robeast, and with one great swing, swung the Blazing Sword right through his enemy, cutting it clean in two. The remains of the creature exploded.

Voltron held his Blazing Sword high above his head in victory. "Way to go, team!" said Keith.


Meanwhile, Lotor had regained consciousness. He immediately noticed the empty chair. "What? Allura? Where did she go?!"

He immediately rushed to the bridge of the ship. He got there just in time to see Voltron finish off his Robeast on the monitor. "No! She rejoined them to help them form Voltron! VOLTRON! It's always Voltron!"

He turned to his robot lackeys. "Retreat at once!" His stomach turned. It would take every bit of pride he had to beg for enough forgiveness from his father this time.


Later that day when everything had settled down, the Voltron Force found themselves chatting in the lounge. Allura had just finished telling the boys about her little incident with Lotor.

"Wow, Princess," remarked Pidge, "sounds like you were in a real ticklish situation."

Allura giggled. "Yes. I probably would have given in, too, if Cheesey here hadn't been there." From his seat on Allura's shoulder, the small Space Mouse chattered happily.

Lance grinned. "So, Princess Blue Lion is ticklish, is she?" The others smiled.

Allura started to back away, already starting to giggle. "Hehe now boys…hehe don't…don't do anything hehe drastic—EEK!" Before she could make a run for the door, the boys had tackled her and began to playfully tickle her petite form.

As Allura laughed happily, she thought to herself, It's so good to have such wonderful friends. One day, Lotor will learn that good always triumphs over evil. Especially with such good friends as these. Not only good friends, but also VOLTRON: DEFENDER OF THE UNIVERSE!
Tickling story based on the "lion" Voltron series
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