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By FeatherJedi

From days of long ago…
From uncharted regions of the universe…
Comes a legend…
The legend of Voltron: Defender of the Universe!
A mighty robot, loved by good, feared by evil.
As Voltron's legend grew, peace settled across the galaxy.
On planet Earth, a Galaxy Alliance was formed. Together with the good planets of the solar system, they maintained peace throughout the universe…
UNTIL a new horrible menace threatened the galaxy.
Voltron was needed once more!

This is the story of the super force of space explorers…
Entrusted by the Alliance with the ancient secret…
Of how to assemble………


Have you ever heard of overpopulation? What if an entire planet became too crowded to live in? For that matter, what if whole galaxies were becoming overcrowded?

That was the situation being faced in the Near Universe. To help fix the situation, the Galaxy Alliance had commissioned an exploration team to journey the Near Universe in search of new worlds for people to inhabit.

They commissioned the Stellar Ship Explorer, commanded by Commander Hawkins. The Explore had 3 exploration teams of 5: an Air Team, led by a young man named Jeff, a Sea Team, led by an aquatic alien named Cric, and a Land Team, lead by a brave Australian man named Cliff. The 5 vessels of each team had the capability of combining with each other to form larger vessels, the Strato Fighter, the Aqua Fighter, and the Turbo Terrain Fighter.

However, the Explorer was not without its share of misfortunes. The Drule Empire was in search of new worlds as well. For unexplained reasons, they saw the Alliance as their natural enemies, and they constantly fought over worlds that either side happened to come upon. But the Drules were dirty fighters, and often deployed Robeasts, giant bio-mechanical monstrosities, to take on the teams of the S. S. Explorer.

But the teams had a few tricks of their own. When desperate times called for desperate measures, the vessels of all 3 teams were able to combine together to form the superrobot Voltron: Defender of the Universe, constructed by the Alliance through the help of schematics provided by Planet Arus over in the Far Universe, where the original Voltron currently resided.

The Air Team consisted of Jeff, Ginger, Chip, Rocky, and Wolo. Ginger was a bright, perky blonde from Earth, and an exceptional pilot. Chip was the youngest member on the entire force. Hailing from planet Balto, he had a twin brother, Pidge, who served on the Voltron Force on planet Arus out in the Far Universe. And like Pidge, Chip was a technological wizard.

Rocky was the largest member on the Air Team, from Brooklyn, New York, and loved to eat. And Wolo was an alien from an unknown planet. The quiet and reserved type, Wolo only spoke when needed.

The Sea Team consisted of Cric, Lisa, Shannon, Zandee, and Tangor. Lisa was a kind, and compassionate human woman from an unknown planet. She loved the past, and could tell you many things about many different cultures. She was also the voice of reason on the Voltron Force, and always knew the right thing to say. Irish-born Shannon was a strong-willed Earthling, who had a personal grudge against the Drule Empire due to his brother being held as a prisoner by them.

Tangor was a large alien from Wolo's planet, and Zandee was a slim human from an unknown world. Both were rather quiet, but did speak during heated moments.

The Land Team consisted of Cliff, Cinda, Modoch, Marvin, and Hutch. Cinda was a soft-spoken, intuitive, nature-loving alien female from the same water planet as Cric, with whom she shared certain clairvoyant abilities. Modoch was a large human male from an unknown world, who could best be described as a gentle giant.

Marvin and Hutch were good friends. Both human males, they often spent most of their time playing cards, or else brawling with each other.


Our particular story opens on the bridge of the Stellar Ship Explorer. Commander Hawkins was monitoring the progress of the Voltron Force examining a newly-found planet. Hawkins was a steel-willed, but compassionate man, who dreamed of one day forming a treaty of peace with the Drule Empire, instead of always having to senselessly fight each other over new worlds. He was also responsible for the duel duties of commanding the S. S. Explorer as well as the entire Voltron Force. Today was no different.

"Air Team, Sea Team, Land Team," he said in his deep, gruff voice, "how goes your exploration of this new world?"

"Skies are all clear, Commander," replied Jeff over the comm.

"Waters are crystal blue and unpolluted," said Cric in his otherworldy alien accent.

"And you should see the lush vegetation down here," replied Cliff.

"That's good to hear," said Hawkins. "But be on the lookout for Drule Forces. They're never very far away whenever we've found a potential new world."

"With all due respects, sir," said Jeff, "but we haven't seen purple hide or white hair of the Drules in over a week. And we've been working round the clock ever since."

"What are you getting at, Jeff?" asked Hawkins, knowing the answer."

"Well, Commander," said Cliff, "we were sort of hoping we could have a short respite for a couple of days."

"You've requested this before, Cliff," said Hawkins, "and the Drules caught us off-guard."

"But sir," protested Jeff, "our teams are exhausted. At this rate someone will pass out at their controls and crash into something."

"It is true, sir," said Cric. "We will be sure to camp somewhere surely isolated. And if you will put your faith in me, I trust that i will be able to sense any lurking danger."

Hawkins thought long and hard. It was tough to do, as his eyes were so heavy with exhaustion. It wasn't until he felt his consciousness begin to slowly slip away that he jerked himself awake and said "Very well. But be on constant vigilance."

"Sir!" replied the team leaders.

"Helmsman," said Hawkins, "prepare to land. We're going ashore."


Elsewhere, on the planet Dreska, Commander Hazar sat in thought. Once a feared warlord in the Drule Empire, Hazar's many defeats at the hands of the Voltron Force led to his eventual demotion, and to his exile here on this desolate rock of a planet. In recent times, Hazar had been experiencing many conflicting thoughts. He knew his duty was to the glory of the Drule Empire, yet it was also to the Drule homeworld, which was on the verge of destroying itself any day now. This was why the Drule Empire needed a new world so desperately. Yet all those egotistical tyrants like Commander Nerok, Marshall Keezor, Viceroy Throk, and even Emperor Zeppo himself, were bent on taking planets by force, and engaging the Gallacy Alliance and the Voltron Force in battle.

Hazar sighed. Were he and his family the only ones who could see that the best course of action to saving their race was to search for new worlds alongside the Galaxy Alliance instead of constantly fighting over new worlds? He had been trying time and time again to negotiate peace talks with the commander of the S. S. Explorer. Most recently, he had sent Commander Borgam down to a planet the Explorer was investigating to negotiate a treaty. But that treacherous Borgam backstabbed Hazar by disobeying direct orders and engaging the space explorers in combat as soon as their guard was down. The fool.

Just then, his sister Dorma entered. She was a beautiful, purple-haired Drule who, like her brother, wanted nothing more than peace between the Drule Empire and the Galaxy Alliance. She walked over to Hazar's desk.

"Why, Dorma?" said Hazar in his gravelly, almost threatening voice. "Why is it that ever time we are on the verge of peace with the Galaxy Alliance, I am always, always, betrayed by my own underlings...has my reputation sunk so low?"

Dorma put a compassionate hand on her brother's shoulder. "I prey that things will get better, brother...we've just received word from Captain Twila."


Dorma nodded. "She says that she's found a possible new world for us to inhabit. She says that the skies a clear, the waters are clean, and the vegetation beautiful. The oxygen is even breathable."

"That is good news," said Hazar.

"She's set up an underground base there to further study the livability of the planet. She will be down there herself personally."

Hazar scoffed. "Useless digging. She's bound to ruin the planet at this rate."

"There's something else," said Dorma. "Sensors set up on the planet by her troops have detected an uninvited presence on the planet. Possibly the Galaxy Alliance."

"The Galaxy Alliance?" repeated Hazar. He stood up and walked over to his office's wide window, deep in thought. "Tell Captain Twila that if she is to encounter any Alliance members, even members of the Voltron Force, she is not to use aggressive force. We don't want to further ruin any chances of peace. If she must question them for anything, she is to use civilized means. I don't want them harmed in any way."

Dorma nodded. "I understand, brother." She placed another compassionate hand on his shoulder, looking out the window with him, before turning and exiting.


Aboard the bridge of her command ship, Captain Twila sat atop a high dais, watching her robotic grunts work. She was a pretty, feminine Drule with short white hair, a girlish voice, but was every bit as proud and devoted to the Empire as most other Drules.

"Captain," said one of her robots, "Dorma reports."

"Hm?" said Twila. "Put her onscreen."

Dorma appeared on the viewscreen.

"Dorma," said Twila, "I was just on my way down to the planet."

"Good timing then, Captain," said Dorma. "I have new orders from Commander Hazar."

"New orders?" repeated Twila.

Dorma nodded. "Yes. If you are to encounter any members of the Galaxy Alliance or the Voltron Force, you are not, repeat, not to use agressive force."

"What?" said Twila, taken aback.

"If you are to question any of them for anything," continued Dorma, "you are to use humane means. Commander Hazar doesn't want a scratch on their bodies."

"But Dorma--" protested Twila.

"Hazar doesn't want to further ruin any chances of making peace with the Alliance," said Dorma.

"Peace with the Alliance?" argued Twila. "But they are are sworn enemies!"

"Only because we make them so, Captain." said Dorma. "These are direct orders from Commander Hazar. I prey that you will not be as foolishly self-centered as Commander Borgam. Dorma out." The screen went black.

Twila smiled softly. "Don't worry, Dorma. If such an eventuality should arise, I promise not to leave a mark on them." She giggled girlishly and twirled a wicked-looking vulture feather.


Down on the planet, the Voltron Force and the crew of the Explorer were having a great time relaxing and having fun. Some members like Marvin and Hutch were goofing around by playing cards or arm-wrestling. Some were playing music. And some, like Cric, were on the constant lookout for Drules.

At one point, the girls, Ginger, Lisa, and Cinda, decided to go look around and spend some girl time together.

"Hey, where are you girls going?" asked Jeff. "We're just about to roast some s'mores!"

Lisa smiled warmly at him. "Don't worry, Jeff," she said, "we're just going to look around a bit."

"Ok," said Jeff, "but don't be gone long. We're going to be telling ghost stories, and I'm sure one of you lovely ladies would love to cling to a big stud muffin like me." He winked.

Lisa smiled.

"Don't worry, Jeff," said Ginger. "we won't be gone long. I love s'mores!"

"And I love ghost stories," said Lisa, smiling still and winking at Jeff.

"We'll be back soon," said Cinda, and the girls left.

Hardware, a small robot that looked like a block-headed child in a sideways baseball cap, followed after them. He liked the girls, and often followed them around simply for their company.

The girls climbed over some rocks and were welcomed with a spectacular view of the sunset.

"It's so beautiful," sighed Cinda.

"It is, isn't it?" said Lisa.

"Hey, what's that?" asked Ginger.

"What's what?" asked Cinda, looking over.

Ginger was crouched over what looked like a small antenna with a blinking red light.

"It's a sensor," said Lisa. "Somebody else must be here."

"There's more over there," said Cinda, pointing over to a nearby cave.

"Let's investigate," said Ginger, and the three of them moved toward the cave.

"This cave is man-made," said Cinda, feeling the surface of the walls. "See how smooth it is?"

"We'd better get out of here," said Lisa. "One of the first laws of space says that if a planet is already inhabited, we must move on and not interfere."

"But what if it's the Drules?" asked Ginger.

"There's no exceptions," explained Lisa. "We've learned this lesson before, remember?"

"I agree with Lisa," said Cinda. "I'm sensing that something bad is about to happen..."

Just then, bright lights turned on, blinding the girls.

"Don't move, Alliance scum," said a deep, robotic voice. The girls were suddenly grabbed by Drule robots.


"Let go!"


But the girls' pleas went unheard as they were dragged deep into the bowels of the cave. Unheard, except by a small utility robot who squealed with robotic fear and ran back to the Alliance camp...


Back at the camp, Jeff was in the middle of a ghost story.

"And then," he said spookily, "she looked at the side of the air car, and saw.........a hook!"

There was long silence and the crew began to groan and throw s'mores at him.

"Hey, watch it, I just had this uniform cleaned and pressed, and chocolate will never come out! This thing's white!"

Cliff laughed. "That's the best story you could come up with, mate?"

"I'd like to see you do better!" said Jeff jokingly.

Cliff was about to take a shot at it, when Cric called out "Hey! here comes Hardware!"

Hardware rushed up to them and began beeping and waving his arms frantically.

"What is it, Hardware?" asked Commander Hawkins.

Hardware just beeped and waved.

"I feel like I'm watching Lassie," said Jeff.

"Lassie?" asked Cric.

Desperate, Hardware mimed some feminine poses.

"The girls?" asked Cliff.

Hardware nodded, and mimed being dragged away forcefully.

"They're in trouble!" exclaimed Jeff.

"Hardware, can you show us where they are?" asked Hawkins.

Hardware nodded again.

"Voltron Force," said Hawkins, "follow Hardware and get the girls back."

You got it, Commander!" said Jeff. "Let's go, team!" They followed after Hardware.


Deep in the Drule underground base, the girls were forcibly secured down side by side to a large, menacing table. Robotic claws served as manacles that held their wrists and ankles. They struggled futilely.

"Let us go!" said Lisa. "We've done nothing to you!"

"You've done plenty," said a high, feminine voice. Captain Twila stepped out of the shadows. "Always defeating the glory of the Druel Empire with your superrobot."

"What are you talking about?" asked Ginger. "You're the ones who always start the fights!"

"Silence!" said Twila. "Now listen up! It is my understanding that every Alliance fighter craft bears an identification number that when joined with two others, serves as a prefix code to gain access to their command ship's weapons and defense systems. Most fortunately for me, there happen to be three of you. Now then, you three will give me the identification numbers to your ships, or suffer the consequences.

"Never!" said Cinda, struggling. "You'll never get anything from us, Drule!"

Twila smiled. "We'll see about that. Guards, remove their boots!"

The girls looked quizzically at Twila as their boots were removed.


"What are you doing?!"

"Stop that!"

Once their feet were bare, Twila pulled out a wicked-looking vulture feather and waved it, smiling. "Now then, who's first?"

The girls just looked quizzically at the feather, wondering what was going on.

"Up to me then, I guess", said Twila perkily, and she began to graze the tip of the feather softly up and down the sole of Ginger's left foot.

Ginger immediately broke into peals of girlish giggles and laughter. "Teeheeheehahaha! Nohohoho! Please stahahahap!" She struggled and shooke her head and wiggled her foot about.

"Kitchy coo," teased Twila. "Does this tickle, Alliance scum?" She switched to the right foot.

Ginger squealed. "Teehehehahaha! Yehehehehes! Gehahahaha! Stop, plehehehease! Gehahahahaha! I'll HAHAHAHA I'll tell you ahahahahanything! Hahahahaha!"

"Ginger, NO!" cried her friends.

"I'm HAHAHAHA I'm sohohohorry!" laughed Ginger. "I hahahahahaha I can't stahahahahand it! Hahahahaha! EEEK! Hahahaha! No, not thehehehehere!" Twila had begun to tease the tips of her cute, wiggling toes with the tip of the feather.

Twila giggled. "So then. The identification number for your ship, please."

"Gehehahahahaha! Nine ahahahahaha Five EEEEhahahaha Se-Seheheheven gehehahahaha Three tehehehahaha Twohoohoohoo! Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!"

Twila smiled and stopped tickling. It took Ginger a full five minutes to calm down from giggling.

"95732," repeated Twila, writing it down. "Such a cooperative girl," she said, tickling Ginger's chin.

Ginger giggled adorably and shook her head cutely.

Twila smiled and moved down to Cinda. "You're next," she said, winking.

Cinda put on a brave face. "You'll never break me," she said defiantly.

"Oh I'm sure," sneered Twila,  and began to trail the feather up and down Cinda's aquamarine left foot.

Cinda closed her eyes. She did not laugh, but her foot did flext softly under the feather's strokes.

"Huh?" said Twila, perplexed. She switched to the right foot, trailing the feather a little faster.

Still Cinda did not make a sound, but her foot wiggled and flexed all the same, and once or twice she caught herself cracking a grin.

After 5 minutes of testing different spots on her foot, Twila stopped to ponder. "Rflelfex actions show that she's definitely ticklish," she said to herself. "But she seems to know how to resist the sensations...on her feet, anyway." She moved over to a control panel, he cape billowing behind her.

Cinda opened her eyes. "W-what are you doing?"

"This," said Twila, smiling. She pressed a button, and robot arms with ugly, blunt claws lowered towards Cinda.

Cinda struggled at the sight of them, but it was no use as the claws began to tickle her all over through her uniform. Under the arms, up and down her ribs, along her stomach, up her hips and thighs and down to her knees and calves. Cinda finally burst into peals of laughter at the full-body tickling.

"Ehehehahahahaha! No, plehehehehehease!" She struggled and shook her head. Because she was often soft-spoken, her laughter was high and girly like Ginger's.

Twila smiled softly and resumed feathering Cinda's aquamarine feet.

"EEEhahahaha! Please, nohohohohahahaha! Not thehehehere! Hahahahahahahahaha!"

"You know how to make it stop," said Twila, winking.

After about 3 minutes, Cinda's will began to break. "Tehehehahahaha!  F-Fohohour tehahahahahahahahaha Sihihihix tehehahaha One hahaha Z-Zehehehro gehahahahaha Eheheheight!"

Twila stop, smiling wider, retracted the tickling claws, and wrote this down. "46108. So so far, a viable prefix code would  be 95732-46108?"

Cinda nodded, still giggling a bit.

Twila smiled and moved down to Lisa. "One identification number left," she said winking, "and then I'll have a viable prefix code to your command ship." She waved the dark feather. "Feel like talking?"

Lisa looked away defiantly. Save us, Jeff, she thought to herself.

"Then prepare to laugh," sneered Twila, and she began to trail the feather up and down Lisa's left foot.

Lisa immediately cracked a grin and bit down on her lip, scrunching up her toes.

Twila smiled at this and began teasing the tips of her scrunched toes with the feather. "Tickle tickle tickle. Come on now, let it out."

Lisa shook her head, grinning wider and wider, struggling to keep her laughter in.

Twila changed tactics by switching to the right foot, trailing up and down the arch.

This caught Lisa off-guard and she burst into giggles. "Tehehehe! Please, nohohoho!"

"Hmhm, you can do better than that," said Twila, winking, and she tried the ball of her foot.

Lisa shook he head giggling, her long dark hair getting all over her face. "Gehehehehe! I'll never tahahahalk! Geheheh nehehehehver!" She couldn't reveal her ship's identification code, she just couldn't! But that blasted feather tickled unlike anything she'd ever felt before! She didn't know how long she could hold out at this rate.

Twila continued to try to find the breaking point on Lisa's lovely foot, and after about 3 minutes, she eventually began teasing her instep.

At this, Lisa finally burst into peals of lovely laughter. "EEEhahahahaha! No, not thehehehere! Plehehehehease! Hahahahahahaha!" He laugh wasn't as high and girly as Ginger and Cinda's but it was still beautiful and feminine, a laugh worthy of her.

Twila grinned. "That's it, dear, let it all out and tell me what I want to know." She switched to the left instep.

Lisa laughed louder at this and struggled to pull her foot away, he will fading fast. "Tehehehehahhaha! S-Seheheheven gehahahaha Fihihihive tehehahaha Z-Zehehehero hahahaha Threeheehee ahahahahahahahaha!"

"Yeeeeees?" urged Twila. "One digit left..."

Lisa laughed helplessly. Forgive me, Voltron Force... she thought to herself.

But just when she was about to reveal the last digit, a voice called out. "Lisa!" It was Jeff! "Ginger! Cinda!"

"Jeheheheheff?!" laughed Lisa.

Twila dropped the feather as twelve men rushed in. "THE VOLTRON FORCE?!" she exclaimed. "How'd they find us?! Never mind! Open fire!"

Robots began firing their weapons as the Voltron Force fired back. As the fight ensued, and as Twila hid under equipment, Jeff rushed over and began releasing the girls' manacles.

"Miss me?" he said winking at Lisa as he released her.

She smiled at him. "What took you so long?"

"Had to make a dramatic entrance," he answered cockily.

"Hey Jeff!" called out Cliff, "you think you could pay a bit more attention to the fight here?!"

"Yes, we are outnumbered over here!" called out Cric.

Jeff quickly assessed the situation. "Voltron Force, retreat!"

As the girls put their boots back on and the team rushed out of the cave, Twila got back to her feet. "You won't escape that easily, Voltron Force!" She went over to the communications console. "Captain Twila to command ship! Launch the new Robeast!"


Outside the cave, the Voltron Force rushed as quickly as they could back to the campsite.

"Ladies, I'm glad to see you are unharmed," said Commander Hawkins.

"We don't have time for warm welcomes, Commander!" said Jeff.

"It was the Drules!" said Lisa. "They're bound to be launching a Robeast to attack us at any moment!"

Hawkins turned to the Explorer crew. "Everyone back onboard and prepare for immediate liftoff!" He turned back to the Voltron Force. "Voltron Force, man your ships at once and prepare for a defense strike. Remember, Voltron only has five minutes of stored nuclear power. Only use him in a real emergency."

"Right!" saluted Jeff, Cric, and Cliff, and the team donned their helmets and manned their vehicles.

"Air Team, ready for action!" said Jeff.

"Sea Team, set!" said Cric.

"Land Team, ready!" said Cliff.

"Alright then," commanded Jeff, "Air Team, form Strato Fighter!"

Jeff, Ginger, Chip, Rocky, and Wolo's ships all combined together and formed the large Strato Fighter.

"Sea Team," commanded Cric, "form Aqua Fighter!"

Cric, Lisa, Shannon, Tangor, and Zandee's ships all combined together and formed the large Aqua Fighter.

"Land Team," commanded Cliff, "form Turbo Terrain Fighter!"

Cliff, Cinda, Modoch, Marvin, and Hutch's ships all combined together and formed the large Turbo Terrain Fighter.

"Alright, team," said Jeff. "Here it comes..."

Sure enough, an indescribable metal Robeast began to descend toward the planet.

"Let's do it!" Jeff commanded, and the Strato Fighter took after the Robeast. Despite being designed for water and land, the Sea and Land Team vehicles could actually fly, and the Aqua Fighter and Turbo Terrain Fighter took to the sky and followed suit after the Strato Fighter.

The ships began to engage the Robeast in battle. But over time, the Robeast proved to be too much for them, and it turned its attention towards the Explorer rising off the planet.

"It's going after the Explorer!" cried Jeff. "I'd say we need Voltron now!"

"Right!" agreed Cric and Cliff.

"Air Team, separate!" Jeff commanded. The Strato Fighter separated into its five components.

"Sea Team, separate!" Cric commanded. The Aqua Fighter separated into its five components.

"Land Team, separate!" Cliff commanded. The Turbo Terrain Fighter separated into its five components.

"Alright then, let's form Voltron!" commanded Jeff.

At once, the fifteen vehicles began to stack on top of each other and form the mighty robot.

"FORM FEET AND LEGS!" Jeff commanded. Marvin and Hutch's ships positioned themselves, and Tangor and Zandee's ships positioned themselves vertically on top of them. Then Lisa and Shannon's ships positioned themselves on top of Tangor and Zandee's.

"FORM ARMS AND TORSO!" One by one, Cliff, Cric, and Rocky's ships stacked themselves horizontally ont top of Lisa and Shannon's ships. Then Chip and Wolo's ships attached themselves vertically tot he sides of Rocky's ship, and Cinda and Modoch's ships attached to Chip and Wolo's.

"AND I'LL FORM THE HEAD!" said Jeff. His ship descended and attached vertically on top of Rocky's ship. A panel opened on Jeff's ship, revealing the face of Voltron: Defender of the Universe. Last but not least, Ginger's ship descended and attached itself to Voltron's chest.

"GO, VOLTRON!" the team cried together.

Voltron quickly chased after the Robeast. "Eye beams!" ordered Jeff. Beams emitted from Votlron's eyes, towards the Robeast, hitting it head-on in the back.

As it plummeted to the ground, Jeff commanded "Solar Combat Spears!" Voltron pulled double-sided blades from his lower legs, and hurled them at the Robeast, but the enemy robot was able to dodge them easily. Next, Voltron retrieved two more Solar Combat Spears, and attached them to form one large double-sided spear, and began to fight the Robeast with it. But the Robeast was quick and strong, and was able to fight off the weapon.

"Ok, guys," said Jeff, "looks like we're gonna have to fight dirty. Spinning Laser Blades!" Voltron removed the propellers from Chip and Wolo's helicopter ships and hurled them at the Robeast like shuriken. These hit the Robeast dead-on, disabling it.

"Time to finish him off!" said Jeff as Voltron grabbed his Spinning Laser Blades and rushed towards the Robeast. "FORM BLAZING SWORD!" Voltron brought the blades together above his head and quickly lowered his arms. The blade of a mighty sword magically appeared as the arms descended.

Voltron leapt high into the sky, and as he descended, took a great, mighty swing, and sliced clean through the Robeast, which exploded into a mess of debris.

Voltron posed dramatically. "Score one more for the Voltron Force!" said Jeff.


Later aboard the Explorer, the Voltron Force were in the ship's cafeteria lounging and chatting amongst themselves. The girls were telling their teammates about what had happened to them.

"So let me get this straight," said Commander Hawkins, "they didn't harm you at all. They just...tickled your feet??"

"It was horrible," said Ginger, shifting her feet and giggling. "My feet are so ticklish!"

"But it's strange," said Cinda. "Of all the things they could of done to us, they chose that."

"Nevertheless, it was effective," said Lisa. "I was about to give in and reveal the last digit in my ships identification number before you guys showed up. With that, they could have easily created a prefix code and used it to lower the Explorer's defenses and could have destroyed it with ease." She smiled. I guess we have Hardware to thank." She patted the little robot on the head. "Thank you, Hardware." The robot smiled shyly and blushed, shuffling its feet.

"Wow, girls," said Jeff, "I never knew you guys were so ticklish."

Lisa smiled at him. "Don't start, Jeff."

But the rest of the Voltron Force just grinned and wiggled their fingers. The girls promptly jumped up and ran, the others chasing them around the cafeteria, all of them, even the girls, laughing and having fun.

Commander Hawkins chuckled to himself as he watched his teams engage in long-needed fun. If the Drules were able to resort to something so humane as an interrogation means, he thought to himself, perhaps there's hope for them yet. Perhaps one day we can finally make peace with them. In the meantime, we'll always have the protection of VOLTRON: DEFENDER OF THE UNIVERSE!
Tickling story based on the "vehicle" Voltron series.
aintboverd Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2012
I don't think anyone gets enough credit for stories anymore, this is one of my favorites by far.
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